Team Strength & Conditioning/ Profiling

Our Team Profiling allows your team sport athletes to optimise performance whilst reducing injury risk. This unique service uses our athlete profiling system to identify areas for athletic development and injury prevention. We grade athlete’s performance in each of our key areas using the most up to date athlete technology from Vald Performance in the form of Foredecks, ForceFrame & Nordboard & using the Witty Timing System. This allows us to build each athlete’s profile and provide them with individualised programming.

Team Profiling Includes:

Previous Injury History, S&C Experience and Body Composition Goals

Strength Testing

Power & Reactive Strength Testing on Forcedecks

Eccentric & Isometric Hamstring Strength on Nordboard

Hip Abduction & Adduction Isometric Strength on ForceFrame

Speed Testing with Witty Timing System

We will then provide each individual player with a detailed report using our grading system to highlight the areas where you are currently an injury risk, the areas which require improvement & also highlighting the areas in which you perform strongly. We also then provide a summary report to the management team of where the overall panel stands in terms of athletic development & what are the keys areas to work on. This then allows us to develop an individualised program for each player which will provide the solution to these problems & allow them to stay injury free whilst becoming a better athlete.

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